Know Hive 

Know Hive CLIENT Know Hive INDUSTRY EducationCoding is an art, and Know Hive provides the canvas. Our bee-inspired design, combined with a pencil, embodies the meticulous craftsmanship of coding. >


Taughto CLIENT Taughto INDUSTRY EducationTaughto stands for educational freedom. Inspired by the limitless flight of a kite, we aimed to capture the spirit of breaking barriers in learning ensuring education for all. >

Zammar Alloys

Zammar Alloys CLIENT Zammar Alloys INDUSTRY Iron Industry Zammar Alloys transforms the old into the new. Inspired by the company’s methodical arrangement of iron bars, our design mirrors this precision and innovation. >


Avoli CLIENT Avoli INDUSTRY Fresh Fish SupplyRooted in the Malayalam term ‘avolli’, Avoli’s brand identity emphasizes purity and freshness. The logo, with an aquatic hint in its ‘O’, underlines this commitment. >


Wahni CLIENT Wahni INDUSTRY Electrical Founded post the 2018 flood, Wahni’s resilience shines. While it began as an electrical service, ambitions ran broader, from IT to solar energy. The logo’s central feature, a horse, symbolizes strength, with a deeper meaning of rising above adversity. >


Bouganville CLIENT Bouganville INDUSTRY ResortBougainville promises a floral retreat. Our branding captures this essence, ensuring guests envision a haven draped in vibrant flora. >


Saakhi CLIENT Saakhi INDUSTRY OrganizationSaakhi, borne from the vision of experts, mirrors a beehive’s essence: diverse contributions leading to a singular purpose. Our design encapsulates this collective brilliance. >

Curious Buddy 

Curious Buddy CLIENT Curious Buddy INDUSTRY EducationCurious Buddy is all about fostering youthful wonder. With a logo resembling both a butterfly and an open book, it signifies the beauty of exploration in learning. >


Tawics CLIENT Tawics INDUSTRY ApparelTawics celebrates community spirit. Spawned in Kerala and fueled by crowd-funding, our branding salutes skilled artisans, embodying the beauty of communal effort. >

Jathika Resort

Jathika Resort CLIENT Resort INDUSTRY Resort Amid the aromatic jungles of nutmegs, Jathika Resort promises seclusion and serenity. The nutmeg-inspired design reflects a unique blend of privacy and natural comfort. >